¿Cómo lavar mis camisetas?
At Futbol.net Jerseys we know how much your jersey means to you. Heat-sealed names, numbers, shields and logos can be peeled or glued. It pays to prevent your shirt from being damaged, losing color or not having to use it a little, we have created this guide to correctly wash your soccer shirt.


1. Pre-wash

Before putting the shirt in the machine, it is important to remove any bits of grass, food or anything else that is stuck to the shirt.

Moisten the stain with cold water and apply the stain remover of your choice.

2. Separate into colors

If you are wondering if you should separate your socks, t-shirts and pants of different colors when washing, the answer is YES.

Colors from other clothes can come out in the water during the wash cycle and can end up dyeing your shirt , that is why it is essential to separate the light clothes from the dark ones.

It is also advisable not to mix your soccer jersey with other clothes that have zippers or hooks (jeans, for example), because they can pull on the polyester fibers of your jersey.

In addition, cotton clothes can release small fibers that can stick to the heat-sealed parts.

3. Turn the shirt inside out

Before you put your t-shirt in the machine, turn it inside out to protect the patches, logos and to prevent the embroidery stitches from unraveling.

4. Wash in cold water on delicate cycle

Always use cold water in the wash cycle to prevent heat-sealed parts from shrinking, discoloring or being damaged.

5. Use detergent without bleach and that protects the color

Whenever possible, wash your t-shirt with bleach-free, color-protecting detergents for best results.

Some detergents may contain components that are harmful to the polyester in t-shirts.

6. Line dry

When removing the shirt from the machine, turn it over to leave the names and logos on the outside. We recommend do not use the dryer as the heat used for drying can melt or damage heat-sealed parts.

The best option is to dry it in the open air, and if you want to take extra care, avoid direct sunlight to help prolong the life of the shirt.


If you have time, it is recommended to wash the shirts by hand, since you can control the temperature and force used in the wash.

These steps for washing your soccer jersey can be used for any sportswear, and following this guide will have your soccer jersey looking like new after every wash.