Versión fan y player. ¿Cuál es la diferencia?
At first glance the fan and player version shirts look the same. They have the same logo, the same color and look almost identical.

You will wonder why there is a price difference, since the player version has a slightly higher cost. Does this mean that the player version is simply better? The short answer is NO. The long answer has to do with the purpose of the shirt. Both versions offer quality t-shirts, but the main difference is that one is designed for sports and the other is to be worn as a normal t-shirt.l.

Let's see the main differences:



Player version: This model of t-shirts has a more elegant, athletic design that fits better on the body with a smaller size. slim fit to play football.

Fan version: This model is designed to be comfortable clothing to wear on the street on a regular basis. Different from the player version, the fan version is better suited to all body types, even those who haven't played football in a while.



Player version: The most notable difference to the touch of the player version is the fabric. It is very light and elastic. This fabric is designed to "breathe the body", with small holes that allow ventilation. Also, the antiperspirant feature of the player version absorbs sweat from the player's body as the fabric dries more quickly.

Fan version: This model of t-shirt is also made of "breathable" fabrics, but not with as much ventilation as the small holes that the player version t-shirts have. In addition, these shirts are not as elastic or as light, and they do not have the antiperspirant feature for greater durability.

Logos and Shields

Player version: The logos and shields of the player version are heat-sealed, which are slimmer to the eye and weigh less for the players on the field.

Fan Version: These shirts have the same logos and shields as the player version, but in this case they are embroidered on the shirt, so they weigh a little more.


Now that you know the difference between the player version and the fan version, you just have to decide which one is the most suitable for you.

¿You are looking for a comfortable shirt to wear regularly on the street?


¿You're looking for a lightweight, sweat-wicking jersey just like the ones players wear on the pitch?